Clayton Vance Architecture

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We specialize in Residential and Small Commercial architecture.  We do larger commercial conceptual and schematic design and work with larger firms to finish the construction documents.  

Our goal is to generate the drawings that make your dreams become reality.  We are uniquely trained in traditional architecture while also embracing the modern and contemporary.

The design process begins with conceptual drawings and schematic layouts based on your input.  After we determine the character and general concept, we refine that concept through the design development phase.  After we've refined the elevations and floor plans we generate the construction documents that enable the structure to get built.  

We work with contractors during construction to ensure design intent is realized and assist with answering the inevitable questions.  

Building a custom home or commercial building is a uniquely creative experience.  It begins with an idea that is expressed in plan, section, and elevation.  Then it becomes a three dimensional reality.  Every time a new structure is done, it's amazing how it looks like the drawings.  If the drawings look good, the building will look good.  We aim from creative, beautiful, and timeless while meeting all the practical needs of our clients.


Below is a sample video from our concept modeling. 

Architecture       A.I.A.

Examples of elevation and proportion studies

Examples of conceptual drawings

Examples of details for construction documents

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